NFC Season Preview 2020

Which squads are winning each division in the NFC? There’s 7 playoff spots this season & Spectator Sporting will predict who’s going to the post-season! Plus, who’s going to dethrone the 49ers from that NFC George Halas trophy? Check out the NFC 2020 Season Preview!

NFC North———————00:59-02:58

NFC West———————-02:59-06:40

NFC East————————06:42-13:20

NFC South———————-13:22-20:00

Playoff Predictions———-20:01-25:28

NFC Championship Game-25:31-30:42

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NFC North 2020 Draft Review

Green Bay stole the headlines with their bold trade up for QB Jordan Love! The Vikings may have had the best draft in the NFL. Detroit got a steal with RB D’Andre Swift in the 2nd Rd. Did Da Bears make the right moves with TE Cole Kmet & CB Jaylon Johnson in the 2nd Rd? Spectator Sporting will discuss these topics & more on the NFC North 2020 Draft Review.





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NFL’s Offensive Weapons Changing Teams

Plenty of offensive weapons has changed teams this off-season! Which teams overpaid for a player or gave up too much in a trade? Spectator Sporting will discuss which fan bases should be excited with their new offensive skill position players.

Brandin Cooks replaces Hopkins———–01:03-03:45

Stefon Diggs Traded to Bills——————-03:48-07:24

Austin Hooper joins Browns——————07:25-11:18

Emmanuel Sanders to NOLA——————11:20-16:44

Melvin Gordon to Broncos———————-11:07-12:18

Todd Gurley’s Midnight Train to Georgia-12:22-16:47

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NFL’s Dynamic Defensive Players on New Squads

Several top-notch NFL defensive players changed teams via trade or free agency. Spectator Sporting will analyze highly rated defenders going to new squads.

Deforest Buckner-01:03-03:45

Byron Jones———03:48-07:24

Darius Slay———-07:25-11:18

Calais Campbell—11:20-16:44

Dante Fowler Jr.–11:07-12:18

Robert Quinn——12:22-16:47

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Veteran NFL QBs Bring New Teams Hope

At least 4 NFL teams will have a new veteran starting QB to begin the 2020 season. Bridgewater replaces Newton, Brady joins Bruce Ariens, Rivers heads to the Colts and Foles is looking to replace Trubisky. Spectator Sporting will discuss these QB’s potential impact on their new squads.

Teddy Bridgewater-01:03-03:45

Philip Rivers———-03:48-07:24

Tom Brady————-07:25-11:18

Nick Foles————–11:20-16:44

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Chiefs vs 49ers Super Bowl LIV Preview

Super Bowl 54

The relentless 49ers defense vs that potent Kansas City offense is must see TV!  Will the Chiefs front 7 be bullied around by that San Francisco offensive line?  The Chiefs vs 49ers Super Bowl preview is here and it is time for some Spectator Sporting predictions.

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NFL Playoffs Review 2020 (Pre-SB)

NFL Playoffs Recap

Offense gets all of the glory but who was the defensive player of the NFL playoffs? Was the Patriots, Texans, Saints or Ravens the most disappointing team of the NFL Playoffs? Besides Patrick Mahomes & Derrick Henry, who else needs some acknowledgement for their superb performance in the playoffs? Spectator Sporting will also discuss what the Titans must do to sustain success in 2020.

Defensive Player of the Playoffs—–00:58-03:49

Playoffs Most Disappointing Team-03:50-08:37

3rd Best Player of the Playoffs——–08:38-13:05

Titans Remarkable Run—————–13:07-19:11

Spectator Sporting Episode #39 Part I

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NFL’s Surprising, Disappointing & Playoffs Team Predictions for 2019

Which #NFL squad will be the biggest pleasant surprise? Biggest disappointment?  We’ll let you know right here on Spectator Sporting! Plus we’re making our playoffs & Super Bowl predictions!


Pleasant Surprise—-01:50-04:57


NFC Playoffs———–10:17-15:19

AFC Playoffs———–15:20-21:26

NFC Championship-22:44-26:54

AFC Championship-26:55-28:29

Super Bowl————28:39-

Who Should Sign Dez Bryant?

Ex-Cowboy WR Dez Bryant is still a free agent! Lets see which team should attempt to resurrect his career.


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A Quick Judgment of the NFL’s Best & Worse 2018 Draft Classes

Is it too quick to judge the 2018 NFL Draft?  Apparently Adewale Apata and Zachary Roach don’t think so.  Spectator Sporting dishes out their best and worse NFL Draft classes for 2018.


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