Bears Free Agency Review 2020

How much of an upgrade is edge rusher Robert Quinn over Leonard Floyd? Does Jimmy Graham enhance the Bears tight end position? Which additional positions should the Bears address in free agency or via trade before the draft? Spectator Sporting will discuss on Episode #40 Part 2.

Spectator Sporting Episode – 40 Part 2

Rob Quinn replaces Leonard Floyd-00:50-07:31

Jimmy Graham Joins Da Bears——–07:33-15:16

Bears biggest need————————-15:25-21:27

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Nick Foles Traded to Da Bears Breakdown

The Bears have traded their 4th round pick to the Jaguars for Nick Foles! Should Foles be the day #1 starter or should there be an open competition with Mitch Trubisky? Spectator Sporting will discuss on Episode #40 Part 1.

Spectator Sporting Episode – 40 Part I

Thoughts on the Foles Trade–00:51-11:46

Who Should Start?—————–11:47-21:02

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NFL Playoffs Review 2020 (Pre-SB)

NFL Playoffs Recap

Offense gets all of the glory but who was the defensive player of the NFL playoffs? Was the Patriots, Texans, Saints or Ravens the most disappointing team of the NFL Playoffs? Besides Patrick Mahomes & Derrick Henry, who else needs some acknowledgement for their superb performance in the playoffs? Spectator Sporting will also discuss what the Titans must do to sustain success in 2020.

Defensive Player of the Playoffs—–00:58-03:49

Playoffs Most Disappointing Team-03:50-08:37

3rd Best Player of the Playoffs——–08:38-13:05

Titans Remarkable Run—————–13:07-19:11

Spectator Sporting Episode #39 Part I

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Bears Biggest 2020 Need (Besides QB) & Most Impressive Bears

Spectator Sporting Episode – 38 Part II

Bears Biggest 2020 Need———01:30-09:45

Most Impressive Bears————09:52-13:24

Khalil Mack’s Down Year———13:25-15:47

The Bears must also challenge or replace a few other players not named Trubisky.  Some Bear players have not met expectations and have created some big off-season needs other than QB.  Spectator Sporting will also discuss which Bears impressed them the most in 2019.

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Bears QB Dilemma

What are the Bears QB options this off-season?  Should GM Ryan Pace sign a veteran QB to replace the mediocre Trubisky?  Spectator Sporting will reveal the best solutions for Chicago’s QB dilemma.

Spectator Sporting Episode – 38
How to fix the QB position in 2020–01:33-09:23
If Da Bears are stuck with Mitch—-09:25-12:44
Should Nagy be the scapegoat?——16:25-17:55
Bridgewater vs Trubisky—————-17:56-19:53
Reasons to lose hope for Mitch——19:54-21:13
Will Da Bears win with Trubisky—–21:14-23:12

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Bears Mid-Season Report

Spectator Sporting Episode – 37

Scapegoat for loss to Chargers————-00:45-08:49

What should Da Bears do with Mitch?-08:53-15:36

Most shocking aspect of this season—–15:37-21:01

Bears @ Eagles Preview———————-22:50-29:44

Any hope for the playoffs——————–29:46-35:25

NBA 2019-20 Season Preview

Spectator Sporting Episode – 36

Which #NBA teams are the most underrated and which teams are overrated? It is about time for Kevin Love to be traded but where? Who is under the most pressure to elevate their game to an All-Star level? Are there any spectacular rookies not named Zion? We’ll answer all of those questions & make our playoffs predictions on Spectator Sporting!

Underrated Teams————-01:28-04:30

Overrated Teams—————04:32-07:28

Kevin Love Trade Options–07:30-10:50

NBA’s Next All-Stars———–11:50-14:01

Rookie Watch——————–14:02-16:35

West Playoff Predictions—-17:50-20:15

Western Conf. Champs——-20:19-25:48

East Playoff Predictions—–25:49-28:08

Eastern Conf. Champs——-28:10-34:40

NBA Finals Champion——-34:43-38:32

Bulls 2019-20 Season Preview

Spectator Sporting Episode – 35

Who is the key player for the #Bulls to become this year’s pleasant surprise? What should concern Bulls fans the most headed into the season? Will the Chicago shock the #NBA with a playoff berth? Is there any hope for the Bulls future? All of these questions & more will be answered on Spectator Sporting!


Bulls key player————-01:20-04:10

Bulls biggest concern—–04:13-07:43

Who should start at PG?-07:44-12:18


Is there any hope?———18:55-26:04


Music by Shawn Kruel, Kruel Beatz Entertainment.

& Eddie Diaz. T.I.M.E.

NFL’s Surprising, Disappointing & Playoffs Team Predictions for 2019

Which #NFL squad will be the biggest pleasant surprise? Biggest disappointment?  We’ll let you know right here on Spectator Sporting! Plus we’re making our playoffs & Super Bowl predictions!


Pleasant Surprise—-01:50-04:57


NFC Playoffs———–10:17-15:19

AFC Playoffs———–15:20-21:26

NFC Championship-22:44-26:54

AFC Championship-26:55-28:29

Super Bowl————28:39-

Bears 2019 Season Preview

Spectator Sporting Episode – 33

This #Bears upcoming season is full of high expectations but we’ll reveal our biggest concerns heading into this promising 2019 season.  We’ll also make our Bears regular season record prediction!  Will the Bears make it down to Miami for the Super Bowl?!  We’ll let yall know on Spectator Sporting!

#spectatorsporting #nfl

What gets us excited about these Bears?-00:36-09:07

Bears biggest concerns—————————09:55-18:14

Bears record prediction————————–19:03-28:37

How far will Da Bears advance?————–28:40-37:15