NBA 2019-20 Season Preview

Spectator Sporting Episode – 36

Which #NBA teams are the most underrated and which teams are overrated? It is about time for Kevin Love to be traded but where? Who is under the most pressure to elevate their game to an All-Star level? Are there any spectacular rookies not named Zion? We’ll answer all of those questions & make our playoffs predictions on Spectator Sporting!

Underrated Teams————-01:28-04:30

Overrated Teams—————04:32-07:28

Kevin Love Trade Options–07:30-10:50

NBA’s Next All-Stars———–11:50-14:01

Rookie Watch——————–14:02-16:35

West Playoff Predictions—-17:50-20:15

Western Conf. Champs——-20:19-25:48

East Playoff Predictions—–25:49-28:08

Eastern Conf. Champs——-28:10-34:40

NBA Finals Champion——-34:43-38:32