Bears 2022 Draft Preview – Ryan Poles on the Clock

New Bears general manager Ryan Poles has been having an underwhelming off-season so far. But now is his chance to get Da Bears fan-base fired up during the 2022 NFL Draft! Which positions should Poles prioritize in this draft? Chicago got two 2nd round picks, a 3rd round pick, two 5th round selections & a 6th round pick. Spectator Sporting will discuss Chicago’s biggest needs on ‘Bears 2022 Draft Preview’ episode 105.


Bears pre-draft off-season review——————-0:31

What should Da Bears Do with the #39 pick?——-6:17

What should Da Bears Do with the #48 pick?——10:41

What should Da Bears Do with the #71?———–16:12

Bears day 3 draft picks & other positions of need-22:00

Bulls Mission Impossible – Eliminate the Bucks!

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