A Quick Judgment of the NFL’s Best & Worse 2018 Draft Classes

Is it too quick to judge the 2018 NFL Draft?  Apparently Adewale Apata and Zachary Roach don’t think so.  Spectator Sporting dishes out their best and worse NFL Draft classes for 2018.


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NFL Draft 1st Round Review

It’s time to find out which teams came up big & which teams fumbled in the 1st round.  Also, we’ll reveal our favorite players & figure out why some players slipped in the draft.


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Spectator Sporting Episode #3

Check out our review of the Bears selection of Roquan Smith & the 1st round of the NFL Draft!  We’ll also discuss the biggest surprises & disappointments in the 1st round of the NBA Playoffs.  Plus, we’ll have a Pelican vs Warriors series preview.  Commentating by Adewale Apata and Zachary Roach.

Bears Draft Roquan Smith – 00:00-5:50

NFL Draft Review – 06:02-17:00

NBA Playoffs 1st Round Review – 17:15-25:10

Pelicans vs Warriors Preview – 25:15-30:25