NFL Mock Draft of Top 8 Picks

Lets find out who’s going to land to the Bears with their #8 pick in the draft.  Will it be Quentin Nelson? Calvin Ridley? Roquan Smith? Tremaine Edmunds?  Adewale Apata and Zachary Roach will let you know.  Disclaimer: we did not predict any trade scenarios.


Tremaine Edmunds. [Kostenlos Ansehen]. (2018). Retrieved from

Spectator Sporting Episode 2

Enter the discussion of identifying the Bears biggest needs before the NFL Draft and check out our mock NFL Draft of the top 8 picks!  We’ll also discuss the exciting start of the NBA Playoffs, reveal our NBA All-Rookie Team and the NBA’s most disappointing rookie.

  • Bears Biggest Needs – ———– 00:25-04:07
  • NFL Mock Draft of Top 8 Picks – 04:25-16:45
  • NBA Playoffs –——————— 17:00-26:15
  • NBA Rookies –——————— 26:20-35:00