Pippen’s Exceptional Legacy

How was Scottie Pippen portrayed in ‘The Last Dance’ documentary? Some say Pip’s contributions to the Bulls success was diminished in the film. Spectator Sporting reflects on Pippen’s career & legacy.

Pip unleashed by triangle offense—————01:08-06:42

Pippen’s 1993-94 season——————————06:45-14:00

How was Pip portrayed in ‘The Last Dance’-14:03-20:24

Pippen’s Houston & Portland years————-20:26-24:28

Final thoughts on Pippen’s Legacy————–24:29-28:55

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NBA’s Top 3 – 90’s Teams with No Ring

Only 4 teams won a championship in the 90’s but there were several other dynamic squads that came close with no cigar. What is Spectator Sporting’s top 3 teams in the 1990’s without a NBA Championship ring? Special guest Bird will reveal his picks along with Spectator Sporting’s Zach Roach & Adewale on best 1990’s teams without a championship.

3rd Best Team———-01:35-09:25

2nd Best Team ———09:32-15:57

Best Team—————-16:04-23:03

Honorable Mentions-22:05-23:23

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