NBA 2020 Draft Preview – Top Prospects & Sleepers

Here is an analysis of the NBA 2020 Draft’s top prospects & sleeper picks! What should the Warriors do with the #2 pick? Spectator Sporting got the answers on the NBA 2020 Draft Preview Episode #59.

Anthony Edwards———–0:43-4:02

James Wiseman————–4:03-7:47

LaMelo Ball——————-7:48-13:01

Golden State’s #2 pick–13:03-24:51

Obi Toppin——————24:59-29:08

Deni Avdija—————–29:12-33:44

Killian Hayes—————33:46-37:44

Top 4 picks prediction–37:45-42:09

Sleepers of the draft—–42:10-47:52

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Kevin Durant did not Ruin the NBA

KD joining the Warriors was nothing new under the sun.


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Spectator Sporting Episode#9

After sweeping the Cavs, where does the Warriors dynasty rank amongst the NBA’s All-Time greatest dynasties?  What team can provide a nice throne for free agent LeBron “King” James?  3-Step NBA Playoff’s Bracket champ Terence Cavin joins the set & provides some answers.  We’re also discussing the Cubs race for the Pennant & the rebuilding White Sox.  Plus stay tuned for SS Below 60 as Adewale Apata reveals why LeBron James never gets hit with a serious injury & Zachary Roach explains that Kevin Durant did not ruin the NBA by joining Golden State.

NBA Finals Review – ————————————–00:35-04:06

NBA’s Greatest Dynasties–——————————–04:08-07:51

Where Should LeBron Go?———————————07:16-14:48

3-Step NBA Playoff Bracket Trophy Presentation——14:49-15:47

Cubs Pennant Race——————————————16:00-19:26

White Sox Rebuild——————————————20:00-23:26

SS Below 60 –———————————————–23:35-25:32


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