NBA’s Longest Active Playoff Series Win Droughts

Two NBA squads have not won a playoff series since 2004 & one hasn’t made it out the 1st round since 2002! Spectator Sporting will reflect on the last time these teams won a playoff series & the main reasons for their droughts.

3rd Longest Drought————————–00:43-04:54

2nd Longest Drought————————–04:58-09:37

Longest Drought——————————–09:42-17:33

Which team has the brightest future?-17:39-23:36

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NBA’s Top 3 – 90’s Teams with No Ring

Only 4 teams won a championship in the 90’s but there were several other dynamic squads that came close with no cigar. What is Spectator Sporting’s top 3 teams in the 1990’s without a NBA Championship ring? Special guest Bird will reveal his picks along with Spectator Sporting’s Zach Roach & Adewale on best 1990’s teams without a championship.

3rd Best Team———-01:35-09:25

2nd Best Team ———09:32-15:57

Best Team—————-16:04-23:03

Honorable Mentions-22:05-23:23

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4 Teams That Need LaVine

Why should the Bulls trade LaVine?

Lauri Markkanen, Wendell Carter Jr and Coby White’s development has been underdeveloped due to Zach LaVine’s high usage rate, which is 8th amongst guards.  Carter Jr is only getting 8 shots per game, Coby white is getting uncomfortable riding the bench especially in clutch moments and the worst aspect of this Bulls hapless season is the decline of Markkanen’s production. ‘The Finisher’ is looking more like ‘The Mirotic’ without the beard.  Last season Markkanen averaged 18.7 points, 15.3 shot attempts and shot 43% but this season he has fell off to 14.5 points, 11.7 shot attempts while shooting 39%. 

Zach LaVine knows he’s the alpha male as he dominates this young, losing and bashful Bulls squad.  It’s time for the Bulls management to admit that the 2017 Jimmy Butler rebuild trade is a failure.  Trade LaVine so Markkanen, Carter Jr &/or Coby White are forced to step up and finally lead the Bulls out of hopelessness.  If not, Chicago will get more lottery balls in hopes of landing LaMelo Ball, Anthony Edwards, James Wiseman, Cole Anthony or Deni Avdija. 

LaVine is an All-Star caliber player but he has proven that he cannot bear the burden of leading a young and unproven squad.  Since Zach LaVine is only 24, top 20 in scoring, top 15 in 3 pointers made per game and makes a modest $19.5 million per year; the Bulls won’t give him up without receiving an unprotected 1st round pick.  Here are 4 teams that need LaVine and can humble him into accepting a role as being the 2nd or 3rd option.

4. Detroit Pistons

Why do the Pistons need LaVine?

The Pistons haven’t won a playoff series since the days of Chauncey Billups, Rasheed Wallace and Richard Hamilton back in 2008 (Ben Wallace was with Chicago).  Detroit is currently drowning in mediocracy despite the return of Blake Griffin from injury, Andre Drummond putting up career numbers and Derrick Rose playing like a 6th Man of the Year candidate.  The Pistons have a couple of middle of the road wing starters in Tony Snell and Luke Kennard, which contributes to Detroit being a lowly 20th in the NBA in scoring.

In addition to that 1st round pick, what else would Detroit have to give up for LaVine’s $19.5 million?

The Pistons would have to trade away 5 players; Langston Galloway $7.3 million, Luke Kennard $3.8 million, Thon Maker $3.5 million, Sekou Doumbouya $3.2 million and Tim Frazier $1.6 million.  Most of those players wouldn’t last long on the Bulls roster except the sharp shooter Luke Kennard and rookie Doumbouya but the kicker of course is Detroit’s unprotected 1st round pick. 

Reggie Jackson has only played in 2 games this season but he’s scheduled to finally get healthy from a stress reaction in his back in the middle of this month.  A starting line-up that includes Andre Drummond, Blake Griffin, Zach LaVine and Reggie Jackson with D. Rose and Markieff Morris off the bench would significantly increase their chances of ending that 11 year playoff series win drought.

3. Miami Heat

Why do the Heat need LaVine?

The Miami Heat is the biggest pleasant surprise in the Eastern Conference as they are fighting off Boston and Philly to hold on to that #2 seed.  But can Miami sustain this success and win a playoff series or two with Jimmy Butler as their only player with star power?  Probably not.  LaVine and Butler will never be allowed to forget that they were traded for one another (LaVine came with Kris Dunn and #7 pick Markkanen and Butler came with #17 pick Justin Patton).  Now they may need to drop their inflated egos and join forces to become a scary team to face in the 2020 playoffs.

In addition to that 1st round pick, what else would Miami have to give up for LaVine’s $19.5 million?

Justise Winslow $13 million and for salary cap purposes Dion Waiters $12.1 million.  The Bulls could take a chance on Winslow to see if a change of scenery could rejuvenate his career and trade Dion Waiters whose contract expires during the summer of 2021 to a contender that can deal with his off the court issues.

A Heat starting line up with Jimmy Butler, Zach LaVine, double-double machine Bam Adebayo and all-rookie 1st team candidate Kendrick Nunn with Tyler Herro, Goran Dragic and pleasant surprise Duncan Robinson off the bench would have Heat fans fearing no opponent in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

2. Dallas Mavericks

Why do the Mavs need LaVine?

The Mavericks are in a similar position as the Heat. A vast majority of hoops fans did not see the Mavericks competing for a top 3 seed in the Western Conference.  However, skeptics doubt if Dallas can sustain this high level of play with Luka Doncic as their only star.  Kristaps Porzingis has not picked up where he left off before he tore his ACL during that 2017-18 all-star season where he averaged 22.7 points and shot 39% from 3 point range.  After sitting out last season, The Unicorn’s numbers have dropped to 16.4 points and 33% from downtown.  Zack LaVine can bring that much needed firepower as Doncic’s ultimate sidekick until Porzingis gets his groove back.

In addition to that 1st round pick, what else would Dallas have to give up for LaVine’s $19.5 million?

Tim Hardaway Jr $18.1 million and Isiah Roby $1.5 million.  Hardaway Jr has only one year left on his contract after this season, so Chicago could move him again before the February 6th trade deadline or wait until this summer. 

With the addition of LaVine in Dallas, Porzingis playing more like he did with the Knicks and Luka maintaining his All-NBA Team level of play will establish the Mavs as legitimate contenders for the Rockets, Clippers and Lakers to take very seriously.

  1. Philadelphia 76ers

Why do the Sixers nee LaVine?

Philadelphia won’t have to worry about Zach LaVine dominating some bashful teammates due to the robust personalities of franchise players Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons.  A  LaVine addition to the Sixers would loosen up the Milwaukee Bucks stranglehold as the #1 contender in the East. The loss of JJ Redick’s shooting efficiency to New Orleans and Jimmy Butler’s scoring prowess to Miami has decreased The Sixers effectiveness from outside the paint.  The 76ers are currently 16th in the NBA in scoring (last season they were 5th).  Zach LaVine found out that lifting a young Bulls team to playoff contention problematic but he has absolutely no problem finding a way to put that rock in the basket through spot up jumpers, creating his own shot or highlight finishes in the paint.

In addition to that 2021 first round pick, (the Sixers won’t have a 2020 first rounder unless they miss the playoffs) what else would Philly have to give up for LaVine’s $19.5 million?

Josh Richardson $10.1 million, Zhaire Smith $3 million, Johan Bolden $1.7 million, Raul Neto $1.6 million, Shake Milton $1.4 million and Philly would have to also dip into that $4.4 million of Luxury tax cap space to make the deal happen.

Coach Brett Brown biggest Christmas wish is for Ben Simmons to shoot at least 1 three pointer a game but Simmons continues to play the role of Grinch by ignoring his coach no matter how naughty or nice he has been.  The Sixers must establish consistent outside shooting and scoring from the perimeter and that problem would be solved with a Zach LaVine acquisition.

NBA 2019-20 Season Preview

Spectator Sporting Episode – 36

Which #NBA teams are the most underrated and which teams are overrated? It is about time for Kevin Love to be traded but where? Who is under the most pressure to elevate their game to an All-Star level? Are there any spectacular rookies not named Zion? We’ll answer all of those questions & make our playoffs predictions on Spectator Sporting!

Underrated Teams————-01:28-04:30

Overrated Teams—————04:32-07:28

Kevin Love Trade Options–07:30-10:50

NBA’s Next All-Stars———–11:50-14:01

Rookie Watch——————–14:02-16:35

West Playoff Predictions—-17:50-20:15

Western Conf. Champs——-20:19-25:48

East Playoff Predictions—–25:49-28:08

Eastern Conf. Champs——-28:10-34:40

NBA Finals Champion——-34:43-38:32

NBA 2018 Mock Draft by Spectator Sporting

By Adewale Apata

How far will former McDonald’s All-American MVP and top 2 prep prospect Michael Porter Jr. fall in the draft?  Are the Suns thinking about passing up on Deandre Ayton to reunite new head coach Igor Kokoskov with European phenom Luka Doncic?  Who’s going to make the polarizing Trae Young their point guard of the future?  You’ll find the answers to these questions and much more in the Spectator Sporting 2018 NBA 1st Round Mock Draft!

  1. SunsDeandre Ayton Ht 7-1/Wt 260/C/Arizona/Age 19 Ayton will force double teams from the post plus he can step outside the paint and shoot it with a nice touch all the way to the 3 point line. The Suns hired new head coach Igor Kokoskov who coached Luka Doncic in Slovenia but the Suns shouldn’t get cute with their first ever #1 pick and select the best player in the draft.


  1. KingsLuka Doncic Ht 6-8/Wt 225/PG-SG/Slovenia/Age 19 Doncic is a versatile prospect that can run the point guard position or play off the ball as a wing. He gets knocked because he’s not super athletic but he’s a crafty passer and has a soft shooting touch.  King’s General Manager Vlade Divac is from Serbia and knows more than most about Doncic who played close to his home country in Slovenia.



  1. HawksMarvin Bagley III Ht 6-11/Wt 235/PF/Duke/Age 19 Atlanta should be thrilled that the Kings passed up on this rebounding and scoring machine. Bagley averaged 21 points plus 11 rebounds at Duke.  His combination of consistent intensity, skills and hustle makes him a no brainer at the number 3 spot.


  1. Grizzlies-Jaren Jackson Jr. Ht 6-11/Wt 240/PF/Michigan St./Age 18 You don’t see many 3&D guys at 6’11”. But Jackson Jr. qualifies as one.  He shot 39% from long range and averaged 3 blocks a game to earn the Big 10 Defensive Player of the Year Award.  He needs to work on his post-game but at 18 years old, he’s one of the youngest players in the draft and Marc Gasol should take him under his wing.



  1. MavericksMo Bamba Ht 7-0/Wt 220/C/Texas/Age 20 With a 7’10” wingspan, Mo Bamba should look like Mo Mutombo out there. In today’s NBA, he has the measurements and style of play similar to Rudy Gobert and Clint Capela.


  1. MagicTrae Young Ht 6-2/Wt 180/PG/Oklahoma/Age 19 The Magic traded Elfrid Payton to the Suns for a 2nd round pick and created a huge void at to PG position in Orlando. Trey Young is an electric scorer and playmaker who led the nation in points and assist.  Young should be the pick here, he’s a prolific shooter but he’ll also create plays for his teammates.



  1. BullsMiles Bridges Ht 6-7/Wt 230/SF/Michigan St./Age 20 Miles Bridges is a big, explosive and versatile SF who can also provide valuable minutes as a stretch 4. The Bulls are lacking a starting wing and Miles Bridges fits right in and should flourish with his solid finishing ability in the paint.  Plus this lefty showed that he has the touch from 3 as he shot 39% from the arc last season.


  1. CavsCollin Sexton Ht 6-2/Wt 185/PG/Alabama/Age 19 Sexton is a fiery PG that Cavs fans should get excited about whether “The King” leaves or stays. Sexton led Alabama to their 1st NCAA tourney since 2012 and was poised in clutch moments while averaging 19 points per game.  He’ll be an ideal player to build around during a rebuild or a formidable side kick to LeBron James.



  1. KnicksMikal Bridges Ht 6-7/Wt 210/SF/Villanova/Age 21 TheKnicks reached for French PG Frank Ntilikina with the 8th pick in last year’s draft. So, play it safe this year and select the solid 3&D junior from Villanova.


  1. SixersMichael Porter Jr. Ht 6-10/Wt 215/SF/Missouri/Age 19 Porter Jr. was a top 2 prospect coming out of HS but he slips to Philly due to microdiscectomy surgery on his back in November. “The most famous recent example of a basketball player to undergo a microdiscectomy is Dwight Howard.  Howard had the procedure done in 2012 before he was traded to the Lakers (SBNation, Ricky O’Donnell, 2017).”  Porter Jr. made a comeback at the end of the Missouri season and played 3 games.  But he didn’t look explosive by settling for layups on a couple fast breaks.  However, the Sixers take him at the 10 spot as a high risk high reward prospect.



  1. HornetsKevin Knox Ht 6-9/Wt 215/SF/Kentucky/Age 18 Knox is a sleeper steal type pick as he’s been flying under the radar. Kevin Knox is a 6’9” smooth SF with a nice shooting stroke and isn’t shy about driving to the paint.  He’s only 18 years old and has the potential to make people wonder why he slipped in the draft in a few years.


  1. ClippersShai Gilgeous-Alexander Ht 6-6/Wt 180/PG/Kentucky/Age 19 Gilgeous-Alexander is a tall versatile PG and led Kentucky to the Sweet 16 as a Freshman. Shai would challenge Austin Rivers for that starting point guard spot.



  1. ClippersWendell Carter Ht 6-10/Wt 260/PF-C/Duke/Age 19 Deandre Jordan has the option to opt out of his contract and become a free agent. Wendell Carter Jr. would be a solid replacement at the center position.  Carter is a reliable shooter as a big-man and shot 41% from the 3 point line last season.


  1. NuggetsTroy Brown Ht 6-7/Wt 215/PG-SG/Oregon/Age 18 Brown is a playmaker at the wing position and has a knack for driving and finishing in the paint. Expect him to play some point guard as Denver is thin at that position after trading Emmanuel Mudiay.



  1. WizardsMitchell Robinson Ht 7-1/Wt 225/C/USA/Age 20 Robinson was a top ten 2017 HS recruit. But he chose Western Kentucky then dropped out of school and prepared for the NBA Draft.  He shocked scouts again by declining to participate at the NBA pre-draft workouts in Chicago.  He remains the man of mystery but the Wizards take a chance on the nimble 7 footer at the #15 spot.


  1. SunsLonnie Walker Ht 6-4/Wt 200/SG/Miami/Age 19 Phoenix needs to solidify their point guard position but they shouldn’t reach for one here and select the best player available. That player is Miami shooting guard Lonnie Walker.  He raised his stock in the draft at the NBA combine and should be a solid backup to Devin Booker during his rookie season.



  1. BucksDonte DiVincenzo Ht 6-4/Wt 205/SG/Villanova/Age 21 After winning the Final Four Most Outstanding Player Award, DiVincenzo carried that momentum throughout the NBA combine workouts. DiVincenzo’s 34.5 inch vertical leap at the combine wowed NBA scouts and I’ll be shocked if he falls out of the top 20.


  1. SpursKevin Huerter Ht 6-7/Wt 190/SF/Maryland/Age 19 The Spurs was the 4th worse 3 point shooting team in the league at 35.2%. Huerter is the 2nd best shooter (behind Trae Young) in the draft.



  1. Hawks Zhaire Smith Ht 6-5/Wt 195/SG/Texas Tech/Age 19 Sign this guy up for the 2019 NBA Dunk contest as soon as the commissioner calls his name on draft night. Smith is not only an amazing dunker, he shot 42% from the arc and has a high motor on defense.  He slips this far in the draft due to his lack of playmaking ability off the dribble.


  1. Timberwolves Gary Trent Jr. Ht 6-6/Wt 215/SG/Duke/ Age 19 What was the Wolves’ biggest weakness last season? If you said 3 point shooting, you’re absolutely correct!  The Wolves was the worst team in the league by shooting a dismal 22% from long range.  Trent Jr. should develop into a 3-point threat off the bench.



  1. JazzRobert Williams Ht 6-9/Wt 240/PF-C/Texas A&M/Age 20 Jazz big man Derrick Favors could leave as a free agent this offseason. But even if he stays, Robert Williams would enter into the Utah big-man rotation off the bench.  He’s extremely athletic but relies on his athletic ability too much.  He must develop a jump shot and/or post skills in order to establish some longevity in the NBA.


  1. BullsJerome Robinson Ht 6-5/Wt 190/SG/Boston College/Age 21 Robinson has the ability to develop into the best scorer off the Bulls bench. He averaged 18 points as a sophomore and 20 points as a junior last season.  This guy is a shooter spotting up, on the move or off the dribble.



  1. PacersChandler Hutchison Ht 6-7/Wt 195/SF/Boise State/Age 22 Hutchison is a late bloomer who averaged 17 points and 7 rebounds as a junior and 20 points and 7 rebounds as a senior.


  1. BlazersGrayson Allen Ht 6-5/Wt 210/SG/Duke/Age 22 Allen can fill it up from long range and create some more space for CJ McCollum and Damian Lillard to operate. Plus the Blazers can use all the help they can get from their reserves as Portland posted the 3rd worse scoring bench in the league.  Now just sit back and wait for Grayson to trip somebody.



  1. LakersJalen Brunson Ht 6-2/Wt 190/PG/Villanova/Age 21 Before the Lakers attempt to trade for Kawhi, sign PG13 and King James, they’ve got a draft pick to make. Magic Johnson must select the most NBA ready prospect.  That’s son of former NBA PG Rick Brunson and 2-time NCAA champ Jalen Brunson.  He’ll be a steady point man off the bench backing up Lonzo Ball (If he’s still there after a potential Kawhi Leonard trade).


  1. Sixers-Omari Spellman Ht 6-9/Wt 260/PF/Villanova/Age 20 The Sixers will need a big man off the bench if they decide not to resign mediocre free agent Amir Johnson. Spellman has a high motor and fits right in at that stretch 4 role.



  1. Celtics-Dzanan Musa Ht 6-9/Wt 195/SF/Bosnia/Age 19 Musa just turned 19 years old a few weeks ago and he will most likely be a redshirt guy for the 2018-19 season and continue to develop in a professional league in Croatia. He’s a scorer/shooter but he needs time to add some bulk to his thin frame before he’s asked to bang with the pros in the NBA.


  1. WarriorsKhyri Thomas Ht 6-3/Wt 210/SG/Creighton/Age 22 Thomas is a combo guard who made a name for himself on the defensive end. But he’s no liability on the offensive side with a 40% career 3 point shooting mark in his 3 year career at Creighton.



  1. Nets-Elie Okobo Ht 6-2/Wt 180/PG/France/Age 20 With Jeremy Lin rupturing his patellar tendon, Brooklyn can use a solid backup point guard to D’Angelo Russell. Okobo has an above average leaping ability and is not afraid to mix it up in the painted area.  However, he is still learning the point guard position and must cut down his 2.7 turnovers per game average.


  1. HawksAnfernee Simons Ht 6-3/Wt 180/PG-SG/USA/Age 19 Simons committed to Louisville University before last season but decommitted due to the Rick Pitino Scandal. He decided to continue to play as a post-graduate in HS then entered the NBA draft.  He remains a mysterious prospect because he declined an invitation at the NBA combine.  But this athletic scoring combo guard is worth the gamble at the end of the first round.


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Kevin Durant did not Ruin the NBA

KD joining the Warriors was nothing new under the sun.


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LeBron is Unbreakable and Here’s Why

I thought LeBron James was The Black Terminator, until I found out his sure fire (or freezing) strategy of avoiding serious injuries.


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NBA All-Rookie Team Selections & the Most Disappointing Rookie

Who’s the rookie of the year; Ben Simmons or Donovan Mitchell?  Who should be on the NBA All-Rookie Team?  Who was the most disappointing rookie?  Adewale Apata& Zachary Roach got the answers.


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